How does colour affect babies

How does colour affect babies

How does colour affect babies

How much colour is good for a nursery? Is muted colour good for the baby? Will the colour give enough to stimulate the baby? How does colour affect your baby?

There are researches that have been done, so why not use them for your baby.

It is common knowledge that colour has the ability to inspire, excite, soothe, heal and agitate. This is also true for your baby development. For example;


how yellow colour affect baby

Yellow represents joy, wisdom and kindness. It represents fun and inspiration. Yellow is refreshing.


Red is strong and gives more stimulus effect on the nervous system.


Blue colour effect for baby

Blue is the opposite of red. It is calming and comforting. Blue is a popular colour and often recommended for use in children's room / nursery.



Green represents healing and has a calming effect. This is why you will see this colour often in medical centres / hospital interiors.


It have less effect than red. It is softer, and represents happiness, sociability. It is the combination of red and yellow. It increase appetite and helps you wake up in the morning.



Pink is relaxing and warm. It is also a strong colour that represents femininity and have calming effect. It is no recommended to use too much pink in an introverted children as this is not an energetic colour.


Purple stimulates the part of the brain related to creativity. It is a good colour to choose for preschool children to promote creative ideas and activities.