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Ergonomic Baby Carrier / Infant Baby Hipseat Waist Carrier (6 in 1)

$80.00 Regular price $210.00

Is carrying your baby putting a strain on your back? This new baby carrier is not only stylish but will also help distribute your baby weight. With this ergonomic baby carrier, the baby can comfortably sit in the hip seat.

The baby carrier will:

  • Reduce back and hip pain
  • Reduce fatigue so that you can carry your baby longer
  • Make your baby feel comfortable with the unique seating position

It is all about Ergonomics

What makes this baby carrier different from the others is that the baby carrier distribute your child's weight across your body. It relief the strain and distributes your baby weight to your lower back, shoulders, hips by using the x-strap back support.

Correct Positioning

The carrier provide a uniquely designed hip seat base which provides comfort to your baby so that your baby can rest comfortably. The baby will also sit in "M-Shape" position which doctors recommend.

The baby legs can sit in the hip seat base and not dangling or hanging like other carriers in the market. With this position, your baby will sit comfortably and happier!

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